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We had our first ever cake smash last weekend, and it certainly won't be our last! With limited space to work with, and the idea of owning our own studio still a long-term goal, I honestly wasn't sure how this was going to go. But everything went to plan, the space was perfect for what we needed, and Millie was full of smiles, even if she wasn't all that interested in cake! We've already started getting bookings for more cake smashes, so we're very excited where this new branch of our photography is going to take us! To View More >>

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I'm super excited to have a new website ready after so long of not having one. About a year and a half ago I took down my old website, desperate to have a complete refresh and separate my prints and nature work from my weddings and portraiture. I had every intention to set up two new websites ASAP. Obviously, that didn't go to plan! So, here I am, well over a year later, with a temporary gallery for my prints, (click here) whilst my actual website for them is half-finished and not currently live (click here). But, I finally decided to give the weddings priority, and in just To View More >>